Friday, November 10, 2006

Ok my daughter has been sick for awhile now and this afternoon was her group photos for her dancing but i didn't take her for that fact i didn't want to make anyone else sick. but in being a good mum i think i have pissed of my step mum. Its her dance school. And what would of happened if she throw up on her costume ? ......
I am not one of these mums that has to know every other mum that my son comes into contact with their kid..... But i have been notice that some mums thrive on this...Its like they have been watching one to many epsiodes of the Brady Bunch and The wonder years. They sound outside the classroom talking about nothing but their kids and how they should all get together. I try and distance myself from them. My son doesn't go to school so i can make friends. I have also noticed that i don't think alot of these woman know that they can be home all day but when you come up you mite want to cover up some of those rolls. Now before you all get up in arms i am a bigger girl and i have accept that there are some clothes that just aren't made for my body but i think these woman think it looks flattering. Maybe they have one of those mirrors that you see at the circuse. The ones that make you look thinner, or taller.
Big day tomorrow got dancing in the morning, My nephews birthday party in the arvo and my cousins engagement party during the nite. Only one i want to go to is my nephews party. For my cousins engagement party we are ment to take a plate of food, any grog and a present. Mite as well just have dinner at home. My niece is in the local pagent. She is so excited but i think her mum is more excited.
I want to knit all these gifts for xmas but i am running out of time. Bugger.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

What a morning

Ok this morning has been interesting.
Just hang on while i make myself a coffee and get comfortable and all will be explained.............
............Ok my daughter woke up with complianing of a sore stomach. Now i knew stomach was wrong cause my daughter only says she is sick if she is really sick. So i get her settled on the lounge and go for a shower. So i was not in the shower no longer then 5 mins when my son came in in a mad rush to tell me Nikita had thrown up all over herself and it was gross.
So i ran down the hall way slipping and sliding into the walls as i went. Cleaned her up and rang for back up my mum!
Finally got family sorted took my son to school then mum came back for a coffee and was telling me that my cousin has moved out with her idiot other half and the are getting a rude shock of living life on the outside with my cousins mum there to cook and clean for them. She says the other half use to bring these big healthy salad sandwhiches to work now he is bring a vegimite flat sandwhich, she also told me that he told her that my cousin cook two nites out of the week and he cooks two nites. But last time i went to school there was 7 nites in a week. There is three nites where they don't eat i guess or good old faithful take away. Anyway must go housework calling.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thank god it's only once a year

ok so last Saturday the 4th of Novemebr started with me waking up the family bright and early to take them to the pagent. No one in my family is a morning person.
The city streets were packed and as i was sitting there with my kids in front of me drawing on the pavement with chalk i couldn't help but think i should of brought some knitting. The kids loved the pagent and it never amazes me on how creative the floats can get. The pagent came and went for another year.
As were packing the car to come home my son wanted to go and see the trains which the level we were on in the car park you were rite next to the trains. So my other half took my son and my daughter over to look. My daughter being a typical three year old lent on the mesh fence they had there and ended up with a dirty L shape on her forehead. Now being her mum i did the only thing a mum should do at a time like this i laugh, i laughed my ass off.
Coming home we stop in to see some caravans for sale. My other half gets in one first and walks to the other end followed by my kids and me. Well the weight of me and the kids made the caravan start to tip. Liftin my other half into the air. As i pushed the kids out of the door the caravan went thud and was level again. Well i guess after that we won't be buying a caravan.
That nite at bath time my daughter was freaking. During the pagent they were giving out free rub on tattoos and my daughter would not wash her arms that nite cause she thought the tattoos would rub off. Had to wash her with her arms in the air.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

ok this is a picture i have been trying to post for two days now. I am having so much trouble with Blogger, its starting to give me the poops! It is slow to load or just doesn't want to load. Fingers crossed. But of course i have now done more of the jumper since yesterday. Grrrr.


Ok BLOGGER is starting to give me the poops. It's slow and doesn't seem want to play nice with my pictures :op. This is the picture i was trying to post yesterday problem being that i have now done more.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A well needed holiday

Got back from our small little holiday at my parents holiday home, it's was great.
A bit stress fall at times but all out great. My partner and i am trying to get the kids use to travelling long distances, for when we take them to Queensland. My other half really wants a bus. The types you can live in and to be honest the more i think about it the more cool i think it would be to travel in a bus. I just don't want him to get a bus that sits in the yard if we get one i want to use it and i mean LOTS! It's amazing how someone can have such a passion for something i guess it's like me and knitting. But hes love for it is rubbing off. At the risk of sounding all mushy i am SO in love with my partner and can't believe how fantastic and how lucky i am to have him. He makes me smile and laugh all at the same time. YAY for me
Mine and the other halfs anniversary is coming up soon the 13th of this month to be exact. Sssshhhh don't tell anyone but i have brought him a lawn mover. Have to explain that it is a birthday and anniversary present in one. Can't wait until he gets it i have finally gotten him something that i know he will use.

Been hard at it

Ok i thought it was about time that i posted some pictures of my work. I don't want people thinking i am all talk now do i :op.
These are pictures of the bag kit i brought from shaun sheep which i now use to hold my balls of wool while i am knitting and moving my knitting about.
The other is a set in sleeve sweater i am working on for my daughter in a army green striped with a mint green. I wouldn't normally knit with green but my son and soon to be daughters school uniform is green and gold so it doesn't leave me with much of a opition. The sleeves with be the solid army green and the mint green stripes with only go to where i have to shape from the armholes (front and back) and then from then on it will be army green.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Ok at the risk of making my blog sound like a soap opera, i am going to use it to vent some of my daily frustrations and trails of every day life starting with today.
My Great Aunty died yesterday, which at the risk of sounded heartless it doesn't really bother me cause i didn't really know her and to be honest death is part of life, so my mum thought she would go round to my aunties to tell her in person. While there my aunty asked her if i was still going to be my cousins Matron of Honour. I love my cousin and my beef isn't with her it's with the thing she calls a other half. I had made a effort to talk to him and every time he has snobbed me off so i give up. I don't care what he thinks and he will never be part of my family and the stupid thing is that he is the one who is in the wrong. To be honest i don't know what a matron of honour does.
This day light savings is mucking up my sleeping habits. Grrrrrrrrrrr.
Putting the clocks forward by a hour makes me want to go to bed later and eat dinner later. It will take me awhile to get use to it just when i finally get my family into a good routine.
So last nite my daughter snuck into mine and the other halfs bed and she has been coughing at nite. So while laying next to me she started coughing. Me still a sleep starting patting my other half on the back to stop my daughter from coughing. He rolls over and tells me "I am not the one coughing Rach". Oppps.
Taking my kids to the christmas pagent this Saturday. Matthew mite be taking a friend from school. He wanted to sleep over at her house but i want to leave early Saturday morning to get a good spot. Not sure who is more excited me or matthew first time we have taken someone from his school any where.
Well off to do housework and normal Tuesday things. Can't wait for kids to go to bed tonite. Latley it's the only time i get to knit. Think that deserves another Grrrrrr.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I think i am a wool addict.

ok i think i am becoming a wool addict. i am trying to con my partner into getting me some sheep so i can have the wool off their backs. Where i am in SA the wool shops are disappointing. There collections are limited and in the dark ages abit but i am worried about getting things off the internet. I think i should conquer my fears and just order something. There are so many things that i spend hours drooling over. Think i mite just get a credit card with a hundred dollar limit that way if someone gets a hold of my details they can't run up a huge bill. They credit card i have now has a way to huge limit just to willy nilly be cashing up on the net. I want to start trying to dye my own yarn. I love messy things like that.
The other half and i have a screw up arguement last nite. He came home from work last nite in a mood. Wasn't talking to anyone. He had a crapy day and is really thinking of getting a new job cause the one where he is now aren't helping him to move forward. My theory is they don't want him to move forward cause they know that he will leave their two bit business. He is eagar to learn just they don't want to teach. They are so dodgey. The receptionist can't even add up lol.
This weekend i am ment to be going away with the family. Yay a different house to cook and clean in. Aren't i just the spoilt one lol.